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Bardstown Christian Fellowship



To give you a little back story.  Bardstown Christian Fellowship or BCF for short. Was the original name for Redeemer Fellowship Church. BCF started in 2004, experiencing growth until 2012, after moving 3 different location and now landing on our pennanker location. The elders sensed a need for space. So BCF became two separate churches, Redeemer Fellowship Church and Grace Fellowship Church. The BCF network was born out of that, which became a property and resource sharing network. Unfortunately, Grace Fellowship is no longer with us. Yet,  BCF still remains strong with us today.

What was birth out of that time is now a strong property and resource sharing network that has since then planted Trinity Fellowship Church in Lebanon KY. Trinity Fellowship spun out of RFC and has come under the umbrella of The BCF network. Which Redeemer Fellowship Church also falls under still today, and will continue to do so. 

The BCF network Strives to develop helthy church plants and it's conviction is that we need more healthy churches to work together for the Kingdom of God, whether they're in the same building or planet in the same community.  BCF churches have their own identity, their own Pastors, their own Elder teams, their own congregations, yet they work together, united for the kingdom.

If you have any questions about how BCF works, please feel free to reach out to one of our Elders or Pastors for more information.  


Trinity Fellowship Church