Redeemer Fellowship Church is a Church with a heart that beats for the mission fields.
We might be a church located in the heart of bourban country, but we have a global reach for the glory of God.

In partnership with Niddrie Community Church in Scotland we co-founded 20schemes as a ministry seeking to build healthy gospel centered churches among Scotland's unreached poor communities. Since that partnership over 10 years ago we have seen work being done 10 schemes, several church planted and God move mightaly. 

Find out more about 20schemes at

Our Preaching Elder Matthew Spandler-Davison leads a ministery  Church in Hard Places. This ministry equips indigenous pastors and church planners to do the work of the ministry,  where there may not be formal training available to them.

Find out more about Church in Hard Places at CHURCH IN HARD PLACES

The mission is our to fight at home as well!

Our church does local missions first by our every day interaction within our lifes as belivers, then though our Home Group outreach, then by our church wide out reach. We believe that reaching those in your local context is just as important as reaching those halfway around the world. Redeemer is a church that wants to invest in our local context and reach the people in our local context for the cross of Christ.

At RFC we also Support and come along side the mission of:

Nelson Baptist Association

Practical Shepherding

Church in Hard Places


One Hope

9 Marks




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